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adidas Runners City Night News

To run or to skate? You can do both!

That's totally crazy, some will say—first skating ten kilometres and then running the same distance? But it is precisely this thrill that encourages a colourful crowd of participants to take part in the adidas Runners City Night every year. What many don't know: The "crazies" can not only enjoy double success, but also benefit in both disciplines through holistic training beforehand.

The distance on skates will be covered first. The starting signal for the inline skaters is fired at 7 pm. Here, everything is possible: the speed skating pros go full throttle, true to the motto "Ku'damm without a speed limit", while others use the part on wheels as a warm-up and course inspection for the subsequent run. Either way, the ten kilometres on skates are a fun start to the sporty summer night.

The prelude to the double start: the race of the inliners 2023. @ C4 / SCC Events

The prelude to the double start: the race of the inliners 2023

At the finish line, it's time to swap your skates for running shoes. Especially important: drink enough during the break! Of course, you can do without warming up for the running competition now. At 7.30 p.m. you will hit the course for the second time. Two laps again and 10 more kilometres. But don't worry: if your legs start to feel heavy, you can count on the spectators.

There will be cheers all along the course in both races. Especially at Adenauer Platz, in the middle of the star-shaped loop, the adidas Runners Cheering Zone will provide pure motivation and help extract the last bit of energy out of you. At the finish line, you can be doubly happy! You have achieved something very special on this day.
Find out, how to register for both events here

Finally done: finish of the 2023 runners

Two sports that complement each other perfectly

If you skate AND run, you will not only get double the applause at the adidas Runners City Night. Above all, both disciplines make your training more holistic. If you prepare for both events equally, you can take your fitness to the next level. Inline skating strengthens many muscle groups that are neglected when running, from the core to the leg and arm muscles.

For example, the hip abductors, quadriceps, hamstrings and ankle stabilisers are all activated, while running puts stress on the knees and hip joints through landing and push-off. This makes inline skating a good way to relieve the strain on your joints during training, even for heavier runners. For skaters, regular running training also provides variety. Those who are not yet technically proficient on wheels can use their running session for intensive workout sessions, for example, and it is a good option when the road conditions aren’t good for skating.

Skate to Run for a guaranteed race entry at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

More and more runners at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON are also opting for this type of cross-training and taking part in the Skate to Run campaign. This special campaign gives you the opportunity to start as an inline skater at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON this year and then as a runner next year. The best thing about it: Everyone who registers for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating 2023 via the Skate to Run campaign and finishes will receive a guaranteed spot in the runner's race at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2024—without having to try their chances in the lottery.

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