SportScheck RUN BLN 2019 on 25 August 2019

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  • Bag storage

    There will be a bag storage room on Ahornstrasse where you can store your personal belongings for a fee of 5 Euros.

  • Warm up

    Approximately 20 min. before the race there will be a warm-up at the SportScheck Event Container on Ahornstrasse.

  • Pacemaker Service

    To help you run your new personal best, you can depend on our professional pacemakers. Keep an eye out for your desired finish time sign in the starting area and join in with the corresponding runner!

    The following times are available:

    10.5 km RUN: 45 min, 50 min, 55 min, 60 min

    21.1 km RUN: 1:45 h, 2:00 h, 2:15 h

  • Cheering Zone

    In this area your fans can experience your race and cheer you on. Little goodies will sweeten their wait time for their running star - you! Your fans can find the zone at Rüdesheimer Str. / Wiesbadener Str.


  • Photo Point

    In the Cheering Zone, an extra photo will be snapped of you for your photo album, which you can download on the following day on the SportScheck homepage in the result lists pages.

  • Medal Wall

    The large medal wall located at the exit of the refreshment area at the finish is the perfect background for a photo of you and your new medal. #instafame

  • Regeneration area

    At the finish area there will be a regeneration area with fascia rollers, in which you can massage your legs after the RUN.

  • Award ceremony

    The award ceremony will take place this year in front of the SportScheck Event Container on Ahornstraße

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